Here's An Open Thread, If You Need It

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It feels weird to talk about video games today. Well, to be honest, it’s felt weird talking about video games for years now, but today is a whole new level of what the fuck.


As our wonderful sister site Jezebel noted earlier, Trump supporters are currently occupying the United States capitol building in Washington D.C. Similar mobs are congregating outside state houses in Georgia, Kansas, Utah, and California. Sadly, none of this really comes as much of a surprise.

It’s normal to feel alone. It’s normal to feel lost and confused. If you need someplace to congregate and get your thoughts out, feel free to do so here. Video games may be taking a back seat but that doesn’t mean you have to go through this all by yourself.

Take care.

Staff Writer, Kotaku


I’m scheduled to go play in a wargame league tonight (I know, stupid to try an in-person event), but I’m not comfortable leaving my family alone at the house. Might even discreetly bring in my Biden sign that I’ve been using to troll my Trump-loving neighbors.