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Here's a trailer for the next Halo 4 map pack, Castle, which releases April 8.


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After being pretty excited about it, I finally picked up Halo 4 for $30 when NewEgg had a sale through eBay. I liked the campaign a lot; the relationship between Cortana and Chief was well done.

That said, I probably won't be playing multiplayer anymore after giving it an hour or two post-campaign. I've never been that great at FPS multiplayer, even when I got in day-one. But Halo 4 dishing out new loadouts and better accessory options (as in jetpack, etc.) means that people who have already been playing for 6 months will further kick my ass.

I expected Halo 4 veterans to know the levels and weapon locations and all that; I did not expect them to be better equipped to boot. I'm gonna assume that's commonplace in CoD and Battlefield? Halo is really the only video-game series — FPS or otherwise — that I've logged online hours with. I'd really rather not exist purely to boost the k/d ratio of guys who are literally 10x higher in level than I am. Wasn't kick-ass cosmetic armor and having emblems be locked this time enough of an incentive?

And the 1 Spartan Ops level I played was super dull, so that's not enticing me to keep playing. Not that I have any plans of trading in Halo 4; I tend to keep good games indefinitely.