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Here's A Proper Look At A Mission In Anthem

At E3 last month, publisher Electronic Arts showed an abridged version of Anthem, saving the full demo for behind closed doors. Now you can finally see it all.


BioWare’s upcoming online shooter, which comes out February 22 for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, feels great to play. You probably can’t discern that from this new 20-minute video, unless you plug a controller into your computer and play pretend, but at least you can get a proper look at what missions will be like. There’s no real sense of how the story will look—or how Anthem will avoid many of the narrative pitfalls that Destiny walked into—but hey, they’ve got time.

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Mortal Dictata

This is probably the most visually stunning game I’ve ever seen and yet it still looks so fucking boooooooring.

I mean seriously, they’ve seen the online reaction to their stuff so far and the best they could come up with was a scenario that rips off Destiny (their “scars” are just the Fallen), a script that is just generic and illogical (“follow the acid dropping down, hopefully we’ll find the source”, who fucking wrote that?), endlessly R. R. Martin-ing their own stuff (“don’t worry, we’ll talk about that cool stuff later” every 10 seconds), and worst of all combat that is largely just standing still and holding the trigger.

How bloody thrilling...