Here's A Pretty Crazy Conspiracy Theory About Metal Gear Solid V

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Many Metal Gear Solid fans aren't exactly happy that David Hayter will not—as far as we can tell—be reprising his role as Snake in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V. That much isn't surprising. Amusingly, the inability to let Hayter go has led some fans to concoct a ridiculous conspiracy theory about what's actually happening with MGSV.

The idea is this: Earlier today, in what seemed to be a snipe at Konami, David Hayter compared Kiefer Sutherland to New Coke. New Coke was introduced in 1985 in an attempt to update the Coke formula. People rejected it, and Coke's original formula was reintroduced as "Coca-Cola Classic."


Here's where it gets interesting: New Coke has a conpiracy theory which postulates that it was all a giant ruse to get Coke Classic sales up. So while Hayter's tweet could be interpreted as a dig, it could also be interpreted as a nod to Konami's attempt to do the same thing with Hayter. This reading is hopeful that Hayter will still be in the picture somehow—reintroduced at some point as "Snake Classic," and ultimately driving up sales for the new Metal Gear Solid.

Get it?

Here's an image that has been floating around that "explains" the conspiracy theory (click to enlarge):

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Its, uh, pretty out there. Not sure if I buy into it, although I wouldn't be surprised if Kojima still had tricks up his sleeve. That's his style, after all.

(Thanks, Alex!)

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I can understand Kojima doing this... but I don't see why a professional actor like Sutherland would go along with this, his agent certainly would never allow it.

Nope. Kiefer Sutherland is NOT going to have gone through all this just for a joke or ruse, he's playing that role that he's said he is playing unless something terrible goes wrong with the contract which is almost unheard of these days.

The most that could possibly happen is a cameo role for David Hayter.

I think the "new coke" is simply a nod to how "don't you like the classic old ways?"

Hayter, get back to screenwriting. Xmen and X2 were brilliant, your adaptation of Watchment for the big screen was as best as we could ever hope for. That will be your greatest legacy, I mean think about it, Xmen was pretty much the beginning of the Superhero movies, before even Sam Raimi's Spider-Man.