Here's A Dope Quad Kill From The Newly Competitive Counter-Strike Map

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Earlier this month, Valve took the infamous “Dust2" map out of rotation to make room for a remodeled “Inferno.” Today, at DreamHack Masters Las Vegas, team North inducted the new map with a vicious quad-kill through smoke to take a round off opponent OpTic.

The above round had North on the Counter-Terrorists side, after a grueling first half for the team ended 4-11 in opponent OpTic’s favor. On the CT side, North sought to rally back for the 12 rounds it would need, and it was René “cajunb” Borg who came up strong with a spray into a smoke grenade that almost completely wiped OpTic.


Though Inferno has been around since the days of Counter-Strike 1.1, the map was remodeled for the modern Global Offensive in Oct. 2016, and was added into the pool of competitive maps on Feb. 3, when it replaced longtime favorite “Dust2.”


Because of its relative age in the competitive CS:GO scene, professional teams like North and OpTic are likely to less accustomed to the nuances of the map. In the video, you can see the moment where OpTic’s Óscar “mixwell” Cañellas realizes he can penetrate a certain wall with bullets from his AWP, a tactic commonly referred to as “wallbanging.”

North would go on to lose the group stage match to OpTic, 11-16.

Due to how fresh the map is, the Counter-Terrorist side seemed to be the favorable one, as CT’s just have to “sit back and toss smokes,” as analyst Duncan Shields said on the post-game analysis desk. The more comfortable teams become with the map, the more avenues may open up for interesting play from both sides.

It’s still no Dust2, but it’ll do.

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It’s great seeing pro teams slowly get a hold on a new meta. Right now things are pretty scrappy and disorganized, but you see flashes of brilliance. Seeing Mixwell realize he can nuke people through a specific wall midround was super cool.

2-3 months from now, we’ll be seeing some great tactics coming out.