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Here's A Crapload Of Footage From Xenoblade Chronicles X

Straight outta E3, here's some 45 minutes of the folks at Nintendo's Treehouse playing through Xenoblade Chronicles X, the upcoming JRPG by the studio Monolith Soft.


Looks a whole lot like Xenoblade, don't you think? There's clearly some Xenogears/Xenosaga influence in here too. The game will be out for Wii U next year, Nintendo says.

This was shown during Nintendo's Treehouse Live @E3 livestream, which you can watch here.


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It's weird, but I'm oddly relieved that this comes out next year. I'm still honestly not that far into Xenoblade Chronicles, because I got SUPER busy not long after starting it last year. This gives me some time to power through the rest of it, which is not great for others, but pretty okay for me.