Storyteller is an upcoming puzzle game about making stories. With a computer mouse, grab some characters, some objects, some captions and drop them into a few panels and see what tale they tell. Rearrange them to change the story.

It's that simple.

Watch the game's new trailer above.

It's that cool.

Daniel Benmergui has been working on the game for several years, charming the likes of us who go to indie game showcases for the thrill of spotting another Spy Party or Antichamber. Add Storyteller to that list of long-in-the-making labors of love. Follow the game's development on Benmergui's site and hope, as I'm hoping, that we'll actually be playing the game in late 2013.


If the game seems familiar, you may be remembering its spiritual predecessor, Benmergui's Today I Die, a configurable poetry game we urged you to play in 2009.