Here, Some Final Fantasy XIII Screens

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Courtesy of Famitsu. We're pretty sure most/all of them are new, but then, Square Enix have released so many shots of CGI segments featuring people with pretty hair it's getting really, really hard to be sure. We like this one, above, best, because if you ignore the pretty hair you can imagine some strange, parallel universe where the dude from Dead Space's pants are available as DLC.

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The rest are at the link below. 『ファイナルファンタジーXIII』金髪の男性の名前が判明 [Famitsu]



People have really got to stop with the "I just hope it's not gonna play anything like FFXII" crap, because it is. Granted it's probably going to be a more refined version of what FFXII did. Regardless of what it does it will certainly not be the like the days of old where you run around and then get magically sucked into an encounter with an enemy you couldn't see, have both sides line up, and then politely take turns attacking each other and then promptly jump back to their respective place in line waiting to be attacked. I loved the turn based Final Fantasy's of yore just as much as any other FF die hard but I'm not so stuck in the past to think that that system was actually better (and much less made more sense) than what FFXII did.

FFXII completely streamlined the monotony of the old system. Instead of constantly having to tell every member of my party to cast fire spells on ice monsters and cast Poisina on me when I was freakin poisoned I just set up a gambit to do that. I was still telling them what to do, I was just doing it once instead of ten million god damned times. Instead of selecting "Attack" 4 out of every 5 turns the game just defaulted to that action, so instead of constantly having to tell EVERY party member to attack they just did. When something more pressing came up they would cease attacking to take a different action and then return to attacking. If I wanted them to do something other than the actions I had predefined I hit X to stop everything, issued commands, they did what I said, and then returned to their predefined actions. Hell if you wanted to you could play like the old games, just turn gambits off and go into the menu to select every damn action. It was all still completely turn based, it was just turn based with the illusion of real-time combat just like Bioware did with Knights of the Old Republic.

Also the way battles played out on the map and being able to see your enemies instead of just being sucked into random battles MADE SENSE. Instead of pulling you out of the game world to have a battle the battle took place in the game world. And instead of having every character line up and take turns jumping out of formation to attack, every character just stood in the most intelligent place to carry out their actions and did so. Ranged attackers and magic casters stood back, melee characters stood next to the enemy. They attacked, dodged, blocked, it looked like an actual battle.

Please people STOP fighting progress for nostalgia's sake. I loved

FFI through FFX as much as all of you but I'm not so damn short sighted I can't see the intelligent progression of the genre in front of me.