Here’s what’s going on Talk Among Yourselves, our reader-written blog: It's been a great long weekend for TAY with tons of well-written provocative pieces. Among them: SloopyDrew calls for revolution against a top-down, overly constricted vision of gaming's future. GiantBoyDetective looks at more fictional video games from the insides of TV shows in his recurring Animation Infiltration feature. A piece about the game mechanic that makes DamonsRhee ragequit and the AniTAY round-up deserve your eyeballs, too. Finally, there's a defense by Cimeas of, get this, Fable III. Interesting timing now that the world knows what was inside Peter Molyneux's Curiosity cube.

And you can always go join the voices talking about video games and life in TAY Classic and in the TAY: Open Forum.


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