Here’s what’s going on Talk Among Yourselves, our reader-written blog: DocSeuss opens the airlock and lets Mass Effect 2a Last-Gen Zero in his mind—get sucked out to die in the cold vacuum of space. Stormborn can do more than just fancy pictures. He's nice with the words, too, as this post on your possible career as a Pokémon gym leader shows. And DexOmega breaks down what Japanese animation gets so right.

Don't forget that you can always go join the voices talking about video games and life in TAY Classic and in the TAY: Open Forum.


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I used to have a task, every day, trying to write something clever to summarize the same basic thing, over and over and over again. Evan is the master when it comes to this. I should travel to far-away New York and climb the mountains high above the urban jungle to find him and learn all that I can.

Also, hey, anyone want to offer pointers on how I can come across differently? I get comments on just about everything I write saying how people really like what I have to offer, or that I'm "the best writer on the site" or what have you, which is great, but I ALSO get responses from a handful of people, just about every time, saying I'm an asshole who thinks only his opinion is right and everyone else's is wrong. That really bugs me, because I'm trying to open up discourse, and knowing that some people feel as if I'm simply prescribing things and such... it means I'm not doing what I'm trying to do.

So. Anyone get that impression of me? Armed with the knowledge that I'm trying to state my position with clarity ('cause that makes for good conversation) and argue my own perspective as best I can ('cause, well, that's good for debate), do you think you can recognize any flaws that might give you that impression—things you'd like me to change from a stylistic perspective that would enable me to encourage your participation more?