People really want the Hyrule Historia. They want it more than light bondage sexual hijinks. It's true.

Take a look at Amazon for proof. Pre-orders for Nintendo's officially sanctioned Legend of Zelda encyclopedia on the book-selling mega-site have dislodged the dirty sexytimes publishing phenomenon 50 Shades of Grey from the #1 best-seller spot. And the Zelda book's not even out yet.

When Hyrule Historia came out last year, it became a holy mission for dedicated fans to translate the Japan-only text into English so that Western readers could learn all the intricate details of Zelda development history. But now that Dark Horse will be bringing the tome out in the States, you can own it yourself. Kotaku has an exclusive first look at the Historia's translated interior pages below. If you want more where that came from, join in at the pre-order frenzy here. We'll have more on the release of the English language Hyrule Historia as news becomes available.