Here’s How Halo 4's Multiplayer Is Changing

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When Bungie was at the helm, multiplayer in the Halo games was mostly a team-oriented affair. Sure, you'd have personal stats that you could be proud of but it was the glory of a Red or Blue victory that motivated you. But, 343 Industries is making the newest Halo and things are going to be different on the multiplayer front.


A post on the Halo Waypoint blog details the shifts that will coming in the all-new Infinity Slayer mode:

For the first time in Halo, you earn points not only for your team, but also for yourself. It still takes a certain amount of kills to win the game (currently one kill equals ten points, and 60 kills wins the game), but now you have your own personal progression loop on top of that.

Halo 4 also brings new medals and rewards to the experience, rewarding players not only for kills, but also style, assists, team support, and objective gameplay. Some of the things that count as "style" are killing an opponent attempting to hijack or skyjack a vehicle, ending an opponent's killing spree, and killing an opponent that stole your ordnance.

Our own Tina Amini played Infinity Slayer at E3 and dug the ordnance drops, power weapons and other changes that will be evident We'll see what everyone else thinks when Halo 4 drops later this year.


Chosen Undead

It really sounds like they've really lifted the CoD experience system, if I'm reading this right. Did they really need to lift the CoD experience system in whole? How, exactly, will that really improve the value of the experience, or, even better, serve to differentiate the experience in the long run? Just curious, was this system adopted because it's a richer experience, or was it added just because the other big game has it?

Also, what really was wrong with the old-school scoring system of one kill equals one point, and one idiot maneuver equals one lost point? It was simple, it was elegant, and it made those last few kills in a match, more often than not, stressful and fun as fuck. Also, now I'm confused. Does 60 kills win a match, or does 600 points win a match? Is the system scoring the same but just reporting a different number? The fuck is the point, if that's the case?

Truly kind of confused now...