Here’s Destiny 2 Running At 60fps On PC

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When I played Destiny 2 last month, the most striking difference wasn’t anything about the game itself. It was how it felt to play it on PC.


Today Nvidia posted a video that shows what the game looks like on PC in 4K resolution, running at 60fps. This won’t be of interest to anyone but the hardest core Destiny-heads, but it does give a sense of what the game looks like at a higher frame-rate.

Destiny 2 hits PC on October 24, more than a month after the console versions launch on September 6. The PC beta is also later than consoles, coming some time in August.

Update: Here’s some more PC footage courtesy of YouTuber Jackfrags:

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There have been too many games that have used their first entry as a “testing the waters” beta lately. Titanfall 1, Battlefront 1, and Destiny 1 all felt like this to some degree.

I am tired of the sequel to these games being the first REAL entry to the series, with the first game feeling like a waste of time, and the sequel feeling like what the first one should have been. It also makes these sequels feel more like 1.5 instead of 2, because they are only marginally better than the original, which was essentially more of a vertical slice experience anyways.