[Image via Tomcat]

Oh, and the protagonist sporting it, too.

This weekend, a new Yu-Gi-Oh! anime was revealed. Know what that means? New Yu-Gi-Oh! anime hair. Because previous duelists have had amazing hair, with Yami Yugi, perhaps, having the most amazing. 

[Image Yami Yugi | Wikia]

How do you top this? Easy, you don’t. Though, this was pretty great, too.

[Image via Tomcat]


The latest protagonist is named Yusaku Fujiki. He is a high school student, who, according to one report out of the Konami presentation, does not like to stand out.

[Image via Tomcat]

Yes, with that hair.

The sixth Yu-Gi-Oh! anime will begin airing spring 2017 in Japan.

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