This is a Nintendo Mii killing zombies by... making them do math in school. The deadliest maneuver!

The dreaded “cram session” is just one of the terrific special attacks in Battleground Z, Nintendo’s zombie game.

You knew that Nintendo has a zombie game, right? It’s published by Nintendo, developed by Good-Feel (Wario Land: Shake It, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Yoshi’s Woolly World). It’s a 3DS beat-em-up that you play with the help of Miis that you StreetPass with, or with characters you redeem through the play coins you accrue by walking around with the 3DS. Each character gives you an extra weapon to use against the zombies. Each of those weapons seems to be based on which hobby the Mii’s creator selected for themselves. The result: a diverse weapon set nearly worthy of a Dead Rising game, many with great special attack moves.

The game looks like this:


But I’ve gone into the game’s “Z-Wiki” to shoot video (sorry it’s not direct feed!) of many of the game’s more than two dozen weapons in action.

Some are pretty basic:


Some are cleverly named:

Some involve a dance of death:


Others, murder by sheep:

You can shout zombies into submission:


You can defeat them with a pop-up book:

You can slash them with a Wii-Remote-turned-sword:


You can punish them with music:

You can nickel and dime them:


You can run them over:

You can blast them with heat-vision:


You can destroy them with an Extreme Selfie:

My favorite?

In what might be a video game first, you can defeat them with swipes on a brand X (Z?) iPad:


What exactly is my Mii swiping into those zombies? Let’s enhance!

Is that a product page for a Wii Remote?


Are those Google search results? And... a Tweet?

Whatever it takes to defeat zombies, I guess.