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Here Is A Thing That Definitely Happens In Nier: Automata

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I’m finally playing Nier: Automata, and can confirm that it is a very odd, very interesting video game. Take, for example, this thing I came across when I was playing last night.

As you make your way through the game’s compact but layered open world, you’ll undertake a bunch of sidequests for various characters you meet. Most (all?) of those characters are robots. One quest has you collecting stamps in the local amusement park, which has been taken over by eccentric robots and turned into… a celebration of peace, I guess? It’s hard to say.

You go around collecting stamps from robots in the amusement park, and your path naturally ends up at the palace theater in the middle of the park. You fought a boss battle here earlier in the game, but apparently the peaceful robots have been hard at work reclaiming the performance space.


When you walk in, well, I’ll just let you watch for yourself:

Mike actually briefly mentioned this scene in his review, but I was still not quite prepared for it. I think “I was still not quite prepared” is generally how I feel about Nier: Automata, actually.


After the show, you can ask the robots in the audience what they thought. Most of them are pretty positive on it.


Well, all except this guy.


Even in the post apocalyptic robot future, someone’s gotta be a critic.