Here is a new trailer for the upcoming third-person ARPG Soul Sacrifice. The game is coming to the Vita this spring.


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I just picked up Persona 4 Golden on Vita, my first in the series, and it's really pulled me in. Before that, I picked up a 3DS XL and was playing through OoT3D and Mario Kart 7. Soul Sacrifice, being a Sony Japan Studio production, definitely screams of quality enough to perk my interest (I've loved just about every game I've played from them), but it's not quite enough to really guarantee a purchase from me. Right now Soul Sacrifice just looks like monster hunter clone for goths and metalheads to me. Instead, the biggest unreleased Vita title on my radar is Killzone: Mercenary, since I'm aching for a real FPS experience on the system. In all honesty, my next mobile game will probably be Mario 3D Land or something else thats fun, lighthearted, and engaging on 3DS. Assassin's creed liberation is also really appealing to me, but as with all AC games, I'll hold out until there's a good bargain.