I'm a big fan of Metronomes. They're the copy-editors of musical performance: they keep you honest.

When my sister sent me this video of French beatboxer Alem playing along with a metronome, I thought, "Okay." Then, he kicked up the tempo a notch and I thought, "Wow." Then, he kicked it up another notch, and I thought, "Holy crap!"

There are a lot of great beatboxers out there, so I couldn't begin to say how this stacks up against other beat-beasts, but at the very least you've gotta admire his drumline-like consistency. Sure, he gets a touch on top of the beat towards the end there, but I'm not complaining.

Everyone having a good week? It's just about Wednesday, which means it's just about Friday, which means it's basically the weekend. So, happy weekend! Or happy Tuesday, whichever you prefer. Have good open-thread chatting here, or in the Talk Amongst Yourselves forum. See you tomorrow.