Picking up where corgi omelettes, panda curry, and hamster rears left off, there's this: Shiba inu butt curry. Because shiba inu.

Twitter user Mesomeso1009 uploaded this curry creation, which isn't made with actually dog butt. Instead, this is rice shaped like a shiba's backside. The photo has been retweeted over seven thousand times and even made it on major news site, Livedoor.com.

One Twitter user, Fuyunomayuki, even tried making some:

This isn't the first shiba inu curry, however. A few years back, another site Japanese site called Fun! uploaded its own creation.

Not sure how I feel about that black bean, though. No, actually, I am. It's gross!


Some shiba inu owners note how the dog's backside is adorable. There's even a slang term in Japanese to describe the animal's cute hindside: or "puriketsu" (ぷりけつ).

As IT Media notes, recently, internet shiba inu Maru launched a puriketsu photo contest. (The official rules actually note that it's not open to human butts. Sorry.)

Remember, it's okay to love your dog. Just don't love your dog.

柴尻カレー [mesomeso1009]

柴犬がカレーにダイブ!「柴尻カレー」がいろいろ想像しちゃうけど、破廉恥かわいい!! [Livedoor]

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