Here Are Your DirectX 11 Games

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Curious to see which games will support the latest in PC graphics wizardry, DirectX 11? There's no better place to look than this list provided by AMD.

Most are games (including Battlefield: Bad Company 2), but as you can see, a few towards the end are just for engines, meaning we can expect future games - whatever they may be from DICE or anyone using the Trinigy engine - to support the new tech.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC to include DirectX 11 support [The Tech Report, via Big Download]

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I'm not surprised by the inclusion of LotRO one bit, Turbine do a great job of updating their game engines to make sure their games never look dated. It's weird to think LotRO is a 2 year old game, even older when you count development time. It looks like it was just released yesterday. #directx11