Here Are The Xbox One X's Specs

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Xbox One X Specs has a nice ring to it. Maybe that should have been the name? Whatever, here are the new console’s specs, handily compared to those of the Xbox One S and original Xbox One.

You’ll see that most of the improvements come in terms of raw performance; aside from some new video codecs most other stuff remains the same as the Xbox One S.

Also, if you were wondering, there’s no direct Kinect input (like the Xbox One S, that’ll come via a USB adapter), and to answer some questions we were seeing earlier no, there won’t be an external power brick.


Other fun facts: it’s slightly bigger than the Xbox One S, and also heavier than both the One S and the original Xbox One.

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So for someone who knows absolutely nothing about specs, how would this compare to a gaming PC of the same price range? The reason I ask, after looking at the lineup of newly announced games I was wondering if I should just get a gaming PC and pick up whatever games are cross-platform or if I should invest in an Xbox One X as an upgrade to my original Xbox One? I do very, very little PC gaming (aside from FFXI, don’t judge), so the cost-benefits would probably be just added versatility of a PC for other tasks.