Here Are the New Mass Effect 3 Endings You Requested

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My copy of Mass Effect 3, well-loved and much-played, is on PC. As I look right now, Origin hasn't updated with the Extended Cut DLC yet, so I haven't been able to experience any of the new content for myself. My Shepards — Eve Shepard, who shall we say, chose to be controlling, and Kate Shepard, who chose to be destructive, remain frozen in time, sitting at autosaves created at the Point of No Return.


But Xbox 360 players? They've been going at it for hours. And some have been capturing video. Click on through the gallery to see all of Shepard's endgame choices, as re-imagined and retold through the magic of DLC. (And if you're interested in a fourth, entirely different ending, there's that, too.) Fair warning: naturally, spoilers ensue.

The first six minutes of all three videos are the same: Shepard in conversation with the Catalyst, learning what his options are. After the Commander makes a decision? You can see for yourself. It's worth remembering that these are all the same Shepard. Your choices, flashbacks, and character moments may vary.

But certain off-screen implications are made explicit on-screen. And if you wanted an epilogue? Boy, are these for you.

Me? I always cry at the ending. Because I am a sentimental fool. And no matter how the story ends—before or after being added to—it's the conclusion of a long ride with old friends.


"There is power in control. There is wisdom in harnessing the strength of your enemy."


"Against all odds, and in the face of the greatest threat this galaxy has ever known, we survived."


"I am alive. All of us, synthetics and organics, have been changed."



Eh. This is basically exactly what I expected it to be - a bandage that allows Bioware to pump out further Mass Effects by ensuring everybody knows the mass relays aren't actually dead for good, and you didn't wipe out galactic civilization by blowing up solar systems like their previous canon indicated. The separation of the three endings was nice, but it didn't change anything from what people already knew or could logically extrapolate (which, in fairness, Bioware said the EC wasn't going to do). The faulty logic behind the endings is still there, as is the failure of your choices to have any meaningful impact on the ending (get military strength X, and the Reapers are "nice" to you by throwing you an extra option or two).

I won't be bothering to re-install ME3 to play the new endings through for myself (videos were fine), and I still don't see myself buying anything Bioware in the near future. There have been enough indicators (ME3, DA2, TOR to a certain degree) that Bioware's quality has been sacrificed for EA's "how can we whore our intellectual property out this year?" mentality. Until I see something to prove otherwise to me, Bioware's still in the 'bargain bin only' category for me.