Here Are The Five Maps In Gears of War 3's Next DLC Pack

There are five maps in Gears of War 3's "Forces of Nature," the game's fifth downloadable content pack, which publisher Microsoft will release on March 27.


You'll be able to shoot your way through three brand new maps — Aftermath, Artillery, and Cove — and two remakes — Jacinto and Raven Down. Above you can see a flythrough look at Jacinto. Flip through the rest of the videos for gameplay footage and flythroughs of every map.

Gameplay for Jacinto.

A flythrough look at Cove.

Gameplay for Cove.

A flythrough look at Artillery.

Gameplay for Artillery.

A flythrough look at Raven Down.

Gameplay for Raven Down.

A flythrough look at Aftermath.

Gameplay for Aftermath.


I'm looking at buying Gears of War 3, I had Gear 1 back in the day, played the campaign back in the day and enjoyed it, didn't play much of the multiplayer.

Don't really plan on buying DLC. So, is there much of a community for people without the DLC packs? and are there any important features not accessible for people who don't buy the DLC?