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Marketing students take heed - it's much easier to obtain an endorsement for your product from a true legend of rock and roll after they've been dead for a couple decades. To celebrate the two live Guitar Hero performances taking place at this year's Isle of Wight music festival, Activision has added a few "improvements" to the bronze stature of Jimi Hendrix located at the island's Dimbola Lodge, converting Jimi's guitar into a Guitar Hero controller.

Blasphemy, or marketing genius? For me it comes off as being in slightly bad taste, but your results may vary. I do have to wonder what comes next? Will EA dig up The Who's drummer Keith Moon and plunk him down in front of a plastic drum set? Of course not, Keith Moon was cremated. A pile of ashes sitting in front of Rock Band drums would look ridiculous.


Even Hendrix plays Guitar Hero [Music Radar]

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