Help (Not Really) Pick Resistance 2's Cover

If you work at a publisher, box art can be such a tricky, subjective thing. You can love it, but if the fans hate it, then you've got a conundrum on your hands. Easiest way to avoid that sticky situation? Throw up three alternate covers and let the fans choose! No, wait. There's an even better way. Especially if you're working on Resistance 2. You throw up two absolutely awful, dummy covers for the game's collectors edition, put them next to the actual cover (ie the one on the right, ie the one that took longer than three minutes to throw together) for the collectors edition, let the fans vote for the actual cover and then start with the high-fiving as your community involvement quotas for the month aren't just hit, they're exceeded! Embiggened versions after the jump. Try and spot which one doesn't look like the cover for a shitty PS1 game...


Yes, it's this one! And, to be honest, it's a pretty great cover. Pick the Cover for Resistance 2: Collector's Edition [IGN]

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