"Help! My Wife Won't Stop Playing Animal Crossing."

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The plea appeared on Yahoo! Japan's Q&A section. It began: "My wife won't return from Animal Crossing."


The latest AC game, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, was recently released in Japan. The Animal Crossing games are hugely popular in Japan.

According to the husband, after his wife downloaded her copy of New Leaf in the middle of the night, she woke up early and started playing. "She kept playing while I made breakfast and got ready for work," the husband wrote. "She kept playing, barely replying to me, because she was in a gaming haze."

That same day, his wife kept on playing Animal Crossing and kept on ignoring her husband.

"I think because my wife loves this game, this cannot be helped, but if the situation continues, it'll be rough," the husband wrote, before asking two, somewhat adorable, questions: "When does this game end? How long does it take to clear it?"

"I want my wife to return to normal ASAP," he ended his plea.

The commenters in the Yahoo! Japan Q&A section had to break the news that, well, Animal Crossing games do not end. They. Just. Keep. Going.


Some of the replies pointed out that the wife's Animal Crossing play will probably decrease over time as she tires of the game. Others advised the husband to take up the game with his wife or make a rule about how long she can play each day. One individual even recommended that the husband get eyedrops for his wife!

These are just some of the two hundred or so replies to this question. What about you? What words of wisdom do you have for this guy?


妻がどうぶつの森から帰ってきません・・・。 はじめまして 私の妻は「どうぶつ... [Yahoo!Japan]

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If you've played Animal Crossing for 2-3 weeks straight, you get bored. And yes, after I played it for 2-3 weeks, I got bored.