Help Make This Fantastic Zelda LEGO Set A Reality

This isn't the first attempt we've seen to convince LEGO to make a Legend of Zelda set, but it's easily the most fully-realised, because the builder has gone to the trouble of actually building a prototype unit out of real bricks.


That builder also happens to be the same man who drew this incredible LEGO Zelda poster last year, so you know his heart's in the right place.

His proposal on LEGO's Cusoo program—which builds sets that garner a certain number of user votes—is for an "Iron Knuckle Encounter," which includes Link, the aforementioned bad guy, a chest, pots and loot, along with a very fetching playset.

The intent is even that you'd get a copy of the poster with the set. Good deal!

Legend of Zelda: Iron Knuckle Encounter [LEGO, via Gamefreaks]


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