Help Kotaku Choose Which Video Game Anthem The London Philharmonic Records For Their Next Album

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Last fall, we were honored to premiere the London Philharmonic's album of video game music here at Kotaku.


The esteemed ensemble is planning a follow-up album, and they've asked us to ask you to help them pick one of the songs that they'll record. We've been running this poll all week, and it seemed worth reminding everyone to vote during Kotaku Melodic. (And make an excuse to re-listen to two of the best tracks from the first album.)

Make your voice heard!

It'll work like this: The poll below will be open all week, and will close at midnight on Friday. Unless otherwise specified, the music recorded will be the main theme from the game, or whatever is considered to be the primary theme. Everyone is allowed one vote, and whichever tune wins will be arranged for the Philharmonic and recorded for the album. Best of all, Kotaku will exclusively premiere whatever track you guys pick. So, make it a good one!

Since we first posted this Poll on Monday, I've gotten clarification on some questions that had been raised throughout the week. For starters, there is at least one other similar poll being run over at IGN—that means that both our readers and theirs will get to ensure that the track of our choosing gets onto the album. We'll also each share the track our readers choose for a week ahead of time.

IGN's currently got Mass Effect 3 and Skyrim winning. How about we blow everyone's minds and pick Fez or Golden Sun? Then again, you guys could be boring and we could wind up with the same exclusive track as IGN. Sad trombone.

Anyhow, you've got just over 24 hours left to vote, so make your voice heard.

Here's the poll. Have at it, and tell your friends:


In case you needed a reminder of how cool this stuff can sound, here are my two favorite tracks. I found that the best tracks on the last album were the ones that let the arrangers have fun, rather than the ones that were more or less just recreations of Hollywood-style soundtracks. (In other words: Vote for Fez!)

Angry Birds

Killer playing, great arrangement. Rockin' bassoon playing, fun countermelodies.


Burning - great to hear a drum set get dropped into the orchestra like that. Bonus points for ripping soprano solo. Best chord ever at 2:16. Yeah, this is the best track from the whole album.



I choose Option X: go out into the world and find some actually good music played by people who care about it, instead of begging the musical industry's disinterested elites to validate your hobby by recreating its least important attribute out-of-context.