When Microsoft made Games For Windows - LIVE (ungh) free back in July, they also announced the impending arrival of a standalone client that'll act as a marketplace for the service. Something to manage your downloads, transactions, that kind of thing. That service needs a name, and in an attempt at giving it one that doesn't suck as hard as Games For Windows - LIVE (ungh) does, they're turning the naming process over to you, Joe Public. Their "helpful" suggestions include such gems as "Games for Windows – LIVE Dashboard" (ungh) and "Games for Windows – LIVE Client" (double up ungh ungh), but surely you can do better. Losing the Games For Windows - LIVE bit would be a start. You'd then have to move onto giving it a name that actually sums up what the client's doing. And no, you can't use Steam. Can't use Steam - LIVE either, you cheeky sod.

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