Help A Man Build A 300-Foot Water Slide In The Middle Of A Road

Artist Luke Jerram wants to build a 300-foot-long slip-and-slide right down the middle of a street in Bristol, England. That is God's work you are doing, Luke.

It might seem absurd, but it actually has a shot of happening: being a slip-and-slide, all they'd need would be some tarps and a hose (OK, maybe a bit more), and Jerram says he'd only need the street for one day in May.


The reason? It would allow "people to see their city in a new light", and serve as "a simple architectural intervention and a playful response to the urban landscape".

Plus, you know, it's a giant water slide.

The road in question, Park Street, is on a hill, and its steep incline has led to its prior use for stuff like soapbox racing. So there's precedent for wacky stuff like this.

He's after £5,622, and has raised just over £3,000 at time of posting.

Park and Slide[Spacehive, via Fast Company]

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