Spoiler: the stupid joke-gimmick glasses I'm wearing at the beginning of this video don't do anything to make Not a Hero look any cooler. That's okay, though. The new over-the-top action game doesn't need help looking cool, because it happens in 2.25D.

When I first wrote about Not a Hero after the game was announced, it was still a mystery as to how the 2.25D angle was going to work. But after seeing the blocky killfest in action at PAX East, it all made sense. You'll be able to automatically pop into cover behind certain objects in Not a Hero, with your character receding a tiny bit into the background when it happens. Shooting, sliding and other movement action breaks you out of cover.

With its focus on vertically structured environments, Not a Hero reminded me a lot of Elevator Action. The way that you'll be rampaging through entire buildings is a lot bloodier and funnier, though. And since you're playing the 'campaign manager' of an unhinged rabbit-person from the future, all the killing and poster-mounting is okay. Kind of.