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This Hello Kitty Headset Is The Best Thing Razer's Made Since Quartz

Razer’s latest batch of pretty pink peripherals star Kitty White and her Sanrio posse

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A photo of Razer's new Hello Kitty headset, pink with white cat ears and a pink plastic bow.
Why hello there, kitty
Photo: Razer

Gaming gear maker Razer has taken a break from making industrial dancewear masquerading as covid safety equipment to cater to a softer crowd: Hello Kitty lovers. The company’s new Hello Kitty capsule collection plasters Sanrio characters all over pink mice, mousepads, gaming chairs, and lumbar pillows, but the best piece of kit by far is the Razer Kraken BT Hello Kitty and Friends edition headset.

Everything’s better with Hello Kitty on it. That’s a proven scientific fact. A fact that’s led me to purchasing things like a toaster that burns Kitty White’s face onto pieces of bread and a white, pink, and red iHome that I can’t bring myself to throw away despite it not being compatible with any modern phone. A fact that’s led Razer, the cool tech company that made a sleek black metal laptop styled after a military combat knife, to create what I feel might go down in history as one of gaming’s greatest headsets.

Two different angles of Razer's Hello Kitty headset.
I love under headband art, it’s so completely unnecessary
Photo: Razer

Kitty ears? Been there, done that. In fact, Razer offers a plain pink model of the Razer Kraken BT headset with cat ears for $99. The new Hello Kitty version, however, doesn’t just have ears. It also has a pink bow, pink stars, a small army of Sanrio characters printed under the headband, and glowing Kitty White symbols on the earcups. That’s more than enough extra cute bits to warrant a $120 price tag.


I want to wear this on my head all the time. I don’t even need to have it connected to an audio source. Imagine me, a hefty bearded old man in a wheelchair, tooling about the mall in a Hello Kitty headset, muttering to himself. Folks, I think I just came up with my retirement plan.

Razer's Hello Kitty collection, including a pink gaming chair, lumbar pillow, headset, mouse, and mousepad.
Just throw in the damn pillow, Razer
Photo: Razer

The Hello Kitty headset is the best possible part of the new Razer capsule collection, which also includes a $65 mouse and mouse mat combo pack, and a $60 lumbar pillow to go with the $500 gaming chair. One would think that $500 would get you a chair AND a pillow, but that’s apparently not how this works. Razer would likely go out of business if they offered both for $500. That poor company.

In closing …