Hello Kitty Becomes DS PDA

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This morning's giant pink wake-up call comes courtesy of European publisher Nobolis. They just announced Hello Kitty Daily for the Nintendo DS, coming to Europe in October. It's not so much a game as it is a personal digital assistant, allowing girls and ridicule-resistant boys to keep track of important dates, keep up with their spending money, take notes, manage contacts, and even calculate numbers, all with that trademark Hello Kitty flair.


It's actually a rather good idea. PDA software is an excellent fit for the DS, plus it would give you an excuse to carry it around everywhere you go. You wouldn't look so odd going into your workplace bathroom with your DS if it doubled as a PDA. Of course you probably wouldn't want to be rocking Hello Kitty at the office, but the point still stands.

Hit the jump for a shot from the title pasted into a pink DS, as required by international law.

Illustration for article titled Hello Kitty Becomes DS PDA

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@kidko: Indeed, it was like Kotaku was in bizarro world for a few seconds there...

@Fierfaerie: a cute, fluffy pink one. Death by fluff! Mind oyou, id really like an official PDA app for DS, too...

@kumuasata: all my female friends go gaga for Kitty. So, as long as its bought by women, I think theres still some hope left (do remeber they ar a big slice of the DS market).

Anywai, if they make a Badz-Maru version, im in.


Badz > Kitty. Nuff said.