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Hello Games' The Last Campfire Launches Tomorrow

The Last Campfire
The Last Campfire
Screenshot: Hello Games

While a bunch of folks at No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games are dedicated to creating and maintaining an ever-expanding virtual universe, a small team’s been quietly working on The Last Campfire, an intimate, puzzling, platforming adventure that’s out for Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Apple Arcade ... tomorrow. How lovely.


Announced in 2018, The Last Campfire is the story of Ember, an odd little blue thing in a fantastic world filled with lots of odd little things. Ember is trapped in a strange place and is trying to find its way home. Hello Games says it’s about “rekindling hope in an otherwise hopeless world.” I can get behind that idea.

The Last Campfire was slated for a summer 2020 release and, by golly, it’s gonna make it. Look for it everywhere tomorrow.

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Rekindling hope in an otherwise hopeless world? I know a Dark Souls game when I see one.

Edit - In all seriousness, though, I get strong Rime vibes from it.