Yeah, I know, they're called trophies on PlayStation. Achievements, trophies... whatever you want to call them, Helldivers has some of the funniest I've seen in a while.

Take the one in the gif up top, called "Dancing Queen."

Every time I'm playing with someone new, I stop everything on the bridge and tell them to start twirling their right thumbstick. Last night, Patricia and I stood on the bridge of my ship for a few minutes while she tried to twirl 25 times in a row, cracking up. It's harder than you might think!

Or how about this one:


I have a soft spot for achievements that can only be earned on certain days of the week, and also for terrible/amazing pop tunes, so this works out well.

The basic achievements for a few "firsts" tell a funny story:


And of course, there are a couple Starship Troopers references in there:


Then again, joking about escort missions doesn't make them any less onerous...

...though I guess that Brian Fantana reference makes it a little better.

We've seen games go the extra mile with achievements in the past; Gunpoint and The Stanley Parable come to mind. Glad to see Helldivers following in the grand tradition.