Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit Has Some Really Silly, Sometimes Awkward Killing Moves

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit is out today on PSN (tomorrow on XBL and October 3rd for PC). It's a Metroidvania style game—a 2D game with lots of exploration, killing, and item finding—but with a twist.


It's flat out ridiculous, silly, and a little bit awkward at times. The storyline sets up the humor straight away, but the game's penchant for over the top blood splatter and ridiculous death scenarios involving dinosaurs and dancing pandas take it to a whole other level.


While you're exploring as the Prince of Hell through platforming levels—attempting to strike vengeance on all of Hell's inhabitants who mocked your lewd rubber-ducky-in-the-bathtub photos—you'll slice through enemies atop a jetpack-fueled chainsaw drill. Or you can dress that drill up to be a pink, sprinkled donut if you so choose. But perhaps the silliest feature of the game is the finishing moves you can perform on minibosses. Check out some of the more awkward ones in the video above, curated by our own Chris Person.

Things will go splat. Things will also get electrocuted. Mainly, things will be dying in many, many inventive ways.

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They had this at PAX this year, and I actually thought it was quite good. I'll probably end up grabbing it at some point. It's got a bit of a Nippon Ichi/Disgaea feel to it, but it's not a Nippon Ichi game.