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You're right, David Cage, creator of games like Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy. You do sound stupid. But just the kind of stupid this industry needs more of.


He's right, turning down the chance to make a sequel to a successful PS3 exclusive is, from a business standpoint, bananas. But too many publishers and too many developers look at things only from a business standpoint, which is why too many games are about men with guns and not enough are about gut-wrenching psychological dramas with evil clowns and in-game architectural work.

Cage makes a game like he and his studio wants to make a game, not what a focus-testing group or market analyst thinks will sell 2 million units in the Fall shopping season. Even if you don't respect his games, you've got to respect the stance he takes in making them.

David Cage: From the brink [Develop]

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