Heavy Rain Story Could Expand Through DLC

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While the full story of PS3-exclusive Heavy Rain will ship on the disc, developer Quantic Dream is toying with the idea of further exploring the game's diverse cast of characters through future downloadable content.

Quantic Dream founder David Cage spoke to Videogamer.com at Gamescom last week about the possibility for additional, post-release downloadable content for the cinematic action adventure Heavy Rain, going out of his way to make sure players understand that the company wouldn't simply be releasing content that didn't make it into the retail release.

"It's a self-contained experience. We won't release the end of the game as DLC that you need to pay for. The game has all the scenes it's supposed to have. It's a complete story," Cage told VideoGamer.com at Gamescom last week. "But we are talking with Sony at the moment about having maybe extra downloadable content, maybe with prequels or sequels about the characters. I'm sure people will get attached to some of them and will want to know them even better."


I'd say he's right. I would have killed for downloadable content for Omikron or Indigo Prophecy, two of the studio's previous games lauded for their storytelling. More content from Quantic Dream is always welcome.

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It'll have to be a prequel to keep things making sense, seeing as there is so many different endings. Things wouldn't really make any sense if you've finished the game with everybody dead.