Heavy Rain Is About Normal People, Real Life

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Don't expect to see the heroine of Heavy Rain leaping through the air in some abominable mash-up of Cirque du Soleil and The Matrix. The game's director tells 1UP it's simply about "normal people."


David Cage, who is also president of Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream says that we won't see the French equivalent of a Dragon Ball-esque karate hover battle, a la Indigo Prophecy.

"I believe it'll be much more emotionally involving, as gamers will easily relate to the situations and characters," Cage said. "In Heavy Rain, you won't be a superhero or a gangster. You'll just be someone real." Given how good the game looked at Games Convention (and continues to look) we might be able to settle for normal, even if that sequence we saw won't be more than a potential bonus feature in the final game.


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This "game" is going to flop. There, I said it.