Heavy Rain Creator: Hollywood Actors Don't Care About Games

Been some big(ish) names doing video game voice work of late. Robert Downey Jr. Ron Perlman. Kristen Bell. But are they really doing the work? Heavy Rain creator David Cage doesn't think so.

In an interview with NOW Gamer, Cage says:

Actors (and their agents) often have so little consideration for games that the only discussion you can have is how much money for how much time. No one cares about what you try to achieve, they very rarely agree to invest time and energy in their part, all they want is a maximum amount of money for a minimum amount of time, and ideally, on a game that won't hurt their image too much…


David! You must have been asking the wrong types, because I've found that when Keith David steps behind the microphone (and he steps behind the microphone often), he is nothing but the consummate professional.

Interview: David Cage [NOW Gamer, via VG247]

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