Heavenly Sword's Glorious Nariko and Some Guy With a Skull Head Join the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Oh my beloved Nariko, I shall not let any of those unworthy ruffians touch an oddly-rendered hair on your beauteous head when you make your grande return in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.


Who's that behind you? Sir Daniel Fortesque from MediEvil? No one invited you, Dan. Piss off.

Now where were we, Nariko? Still carrying around that Heavenly Sword? How's your sister doing? Tell her I said "hey".

Man, I really missed hanging out with you, Nariko. Did you miss me too? What's that video there? DAMMIT DAN, I SAID PISS OFF!


Nariko, *sigh* Dan, InFamous' Evil Cole and Metal Gear's Raiden are all playable on the show floor at PAX.

Don't you touch my Nariko, Kirk Hamilton. I've seen how you look at her. Why don't you keep Dan company instead?

PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale: Heavenly Sword's Nariko And MediEvil's Sir Daniel Fortesque Step Up [PlayStation Blog Europe]

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I still hope they put Sora from Kingdom Hearts in this game, even though Nintendo owns some of it - it's not impossible.

And WHY wouldn't they have a Final Fantasy character of some sort? *cough* Cloud Strife. *cough*

And Crash... Or maybe someone from a Persona game? Or from a "Tales of" game...

Me just ranting. But I can't wait to play this awesome game.