Heavenly Sword Devs Working On Devil May Cry 5?

According to a site transcribing something from the latest of Game Informer (we know, we know), Heavenly Sword developers Ninja Theory have been put to work by Capcom on a fifth Devil May Cry game.

"Loose Talk has learned that Enslaved isn't the only game Ninja Theory is working on-we've heard that the Cambridge, England developer is being tapped for the next Devil May Cry", the magazine's rumour section is reported to have penned.


"It is not totally unexpected, however; Capcom has said that although it is shying away from Western developer for new IP, it would continue to utilize them for known franchises, which DMC certainly is."

That second point is key, especially in light of the use of Swedish developers for Bionic Commando and a Canadian studio for Dead Rising 2.

There is a chance this rumour is complete crap. Then again, with a big Capcom press event kicking off in Hawaii on Tuesday, it's certainly interesting timing.


Rumor: Ninja Theory Working on Next Devil May Cry Game? [Game Informer, via The Silent Chief]

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