Hearthstone's Latest Adventure Is Really Creative

The latest Hearthstone adventure pack, League of Explorers, gets its first wing today, and with it comes a set of new single-player challenges that are surprisingly interesting.

One boss, for example, is immune to all damage while holding a certain staff:


Which you can counter by destroying—and therefore stealing—the staff from right under his nose:

Another encounter isn’t actually a boss fight at all, but is instead a series of obstacles that task your character with surviving until she or he escapes the temple, Indiana Jones-style.

Every turn, the temple will summon up new creatures and obstacles you have to figure out how to overcome.


And sometimes you’ll have to pick between outcomes, choose-your-own adventure style, that can lead to all sorts of results both positive and negative.


It’s a really cool set of encounters, and it all makes me wish Blizzard would build a full-fledged RPG campaign for Hearthstone, complete with dungeons, NPCs, and collectible cards. Just imagine it: a big sprawling RPG with its own story and world, but instead of combat, you just play Hearthstone against your opponents. Make it happen, Blizzard.


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