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While I generally don't pay too much attention to Maxim's video game coverage, mainly because I don't feel like I fit into their core demographic (Maxim readers), every once in a while the magazine that gave Sudeki for the Xbox 5 stars has something interesting to offer. Like a list of the 7 Greatest Faceless Announcers in Video Games, a celebration of those announcers we never see but will never forget. You may know them as "The Finish Him Guy", or "the guy from Soul Calibur who sounds like he's just making shit up as he goes along", but you love them just the same. Maxim has video clips over at their website representing all seven of their choices, from "Elf shot the food" to the unforgettable "Headshot" from Unreal. The only real glaring omission I immediately notice is the announcer from the Bloody Roar series, who sounded like a Swedish guy imitating a Japanese guy imitating an American. The 7 Greatest Faceless Announcers in Video Games [Maxim]


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