Heads-Up! Here's How Brink's HUD Works

Brink comes out next week, so you'd best familiarize yourself with the heads-up display before charging into battle. Bethesda has provided just the video you need. Take it away, pleasant-sounding British woman!


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The Good (Aspects I'm loving):

- No 1-shot kills

- Infinite grenades, but throws are on a cooldown.

- No KDR on the scoreboard.

- No spawn camping.

- No lone wolf bullshit.

- No classes that are only of benefit to themselves.

- WoW-style team respawn timers.

- Loads of class, character, and weapon customization.

The Bad (Aspects I'm worried about (haven't played it. Just concerns from what I've seen)):

- Potentially convoluted control scheme (SMART seems to be their "cure all" button, but they've said to "play the best" you'll want to initiate all those moves manually and not rely on on it. The thought of playing Call of Duty and Mirror's Edge at the same time hurts my brain.)

- No beta/demo. All balancing done via internal testing (i.e., balance concerns).

- Classes don't carry into all aspects of a character (i.e., your "class" is solely based on your class abilities. There are no class-specific weapons, equipment, or outfits (from what I've gathered). While I'm sure many will consider this a good thing, for me, it seems to come at the loss of individuality where all classes have no visual distinctions — Which I'm sure was the point (so you'd have to "pay attention" to know who medics and such are) but is a negative for me personally.)

The Ugly:

- Character models. Christ. Why do all these guys suffer such a serious case of longface?