Heads Up: A Look At This Week In Gaming and Beyond

From a tactical first-person shooter with a really dope art style, a game with a handcrafted solar system to explore, and, also, Godzilla: here’s your weekly heads up for the things making waves this week in the world of games and beyond. Watch the video above or find out what’s coming in the post below.


Blood & Truth is a game that releases on Tuesday for PlayStation 4. It’s an action-packed virtual reality thriller that has you John Wick your way all over the London underworld by way of some pretty outlandish set pieces. You use your PSVR headset and Move controllers to dual wield guns and jump out of windows. This one almost flew under my radar, but we’ll have more coverage on the site this week.

Vambrace is a roguelite fantasy-adventure that throws some turn-based combat into the mix. You take on quests, build a team, and journey through a world full of some gorgeous art. It’s out Tuesday for PC, and developer Headup Games says it’s coming later this year for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


On Wednesday, Void Bastards arrives for Xbox One and PC from developer Blue Manchu. Inspired by the BioShock and System Shock series, Void Bastards blends a stunning comic book-style art with some tactical first-person shooting. Plot your own path, build your best loadouts and use crafty ways to take out enemies along the way. We’ll probably stream this at some point this week so be sure to follow us on Twitch so you can tune in.

Outer Wilds from developer Mobius Digital releases on Thursday for Xbox One and the Epic Games Store. You dive into a handcrafted solar system and put together an ancient mystery that spans multiple planets. As a No Man’s Sky stan for life— hello, game. You are right in my wheelhouse. I’ll stream this on our Twitch channel at some point this week too.

Finally, for all the Rick and Morty fans out there, Trover Saves the Universe comes out on Friday for PlayStation 4 from developer Squanch Games. Featuring an optional VR mode, Trover puts you on a mission to save your dogs after they’ve been dognapped and used by an evil character who stuffs them in his eyes. You also have to stop him from destroying the universe. It looks like it’s got a mix of third-person platforming, puzzle-solving and some melee combat too. No PS4? No problem: Trover Saves the Universe will come to PC on June 4th.

And finally, Friday also gives us the release of the movie Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Directed by Michael Dougherty, this new iteration of Godzilla features the likes of Millie Bobby Brown, Kyle Chandler and, of course, Ken Watanabe.


Watch Godzilla square up against Mothra, Rodan and his number one hater King Ghidorah. Our man in Japan, Brian Ashcraft, attended a screening of the movie in Tokyo and also went behind the scenes with the people who make Godzilla movies. Brian has a lot of cool stuff coming on the film this week.

Tell us what else is on your radars this week below!

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Finally, for all the Rick and Morty fans out there...”

Ok cool.

And finally, Friday also gives us the release of the movie Godzilla: King of the Monsters.”

But....you already did finally....right in the paragraph before....

I know it’s probably one for games and one for movies, but I felt like you suckered me into a false finale to the article. For shame! ;)