Have you seen an amazing gaming moment lately? Send it to us at highlightreel@kotaku.com to get it included in our new feature, Highlight Reel! Check out some of the previous episodes right here.

You can submit a clip of something you did or just something you saw online that you think is worth sharing. If you'd like to send us a clip, here's what you need to send:

  1. A link to a YouTube video or wherever you saw the video
  2. Your name or gamertag that you'd like to be credited with
  3. The name of the person in the video, if it isn't you

It doesn't have to be a big multiplayer game, as long as the play is good, and happened recently. We've featured incredible kills from Dishonored and Farcry, bizarre glitches, and world-record speedruns as well. If you think it's interesting, send it to highlightreel@kotaku.com! Check out some of the previous episodes below, or all of them right here.