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Have You Ever Gotten Sick From A Convention?

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Video game conventions are great... mostly. But every convention has its thorns, which often take the form of snotty, achy, barfy sicknesses. Now that both GDC and PAX East have come to pass, are you a flu-ridden ball of misery? If so, what are your symptoms? Have you caught anything in the past or at other cons?


Me, I managed to escape GDC largely unscathed, though I came down with something on the last day. It left me with a sore throat and so much snot in my sinuses that it seemed to overflow into my limbs, what with how heavy and clumsy they felt. I think I might have caught it from Stephen, who was also sick last week/weekend, but I can't say for sure. However, in the name of hard-hitting journalism and VR porn, I soldiered on. Now I have a snot waterfall for a face, but I prefer to think of it as a cool battle scar. When people see me and immediately recoil, shouting things like "gross" and "ugh, you do know what kleenexes are, right?" I prefer to think they agree with me.

How about you? Did GDC or PAX East (or, god forbid, both) send you on your way with an unexpected, body-ravaging surprise? Are you still bedridden, or are you starting to feel the delightful tickle of life in your veins again? Has this kind of thing happened to you in years past, from PAX or GDC or Comic-Con or MAGFest or whatever else? Oh, bonus question: if you went to multiple conventions back-to-back, do you think you were Patient Zero? Did you bring a flu from GDC to PAX (or something like that), in the process contaminating everyone? Sound off below!


Image courtesy of Anna Gutermuth.

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I think in 2009 or maybe it was 2010. My very first pax I was living in Seattle. I had a house full of friends and we were all going. By the end all of us had swine flu. No joke. There was like 7 of us so who knows who got it first.