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Have You Already Played A Next-Gen Console?

Illustration for article titled Have You Already Played A Next-Gen Console?

Did you go to PAX? Did you wait in line to play a game on the Xbox One or PS4? Did you make it to the end and actually play one? Do you want to tell us what you thought?


If you answered YES to all of the above, well...tell us what you thought. Until GamesCom and PAX, the only people who'd really got their hands on the new consoles were people like developers and the press.

But now that you guys have played around with them, what are your thoughts? Doesn't matter if you only played for ten minutes and were playing unfinished code running on a PC, if you got a controller in your hands, you can at least tell us about that.


Were the pads comfy? What games did you play? Were the games as next-gen as you'd hoped? Does my butt look big in these jeans?

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Armando Martinez

I have played with the Wii U, it was fun!

Laugh if you must, but it does count!