Who needs a vacation to the Carribeans when you can just boot up this lovely Assassin’s Creed Havana map in Minecraft? The majority of people, probably. But hey, it’s still a pretty cool build.

It’s cool enough to have its very own trailer, even:

It’s understandable, considering the map has been under construction since 2013. It was created by a team of builders led by Xtr3mScorch, who also made a similar map for AC: Revelations’ Constantinople, tracking progress for both projects in this Minecraftforum thread.


The Havana map comes with its own resource pack, which you’ll pretty much have to use, else everything will look like a weird mishmash of random blocks:

If you’d like to explore yourself, you can download the map following the link in the trailer’s description here. Otherwise, here’s some screenshots, with the in-game pics I’ve snapped at the bottom:

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